DIY Flower Cones

Hi Everyone! Sami from The Unexpected Type here today bringing you a super easy DIY Flower Cone project that will instantly jump start your transition into Spring.

In my brain, Spring automatically equals fresh flowers! If you don’t love a good bunch, there is seriously something wrong with you. Fresh, vivid blooms line the stalls of farmer’s markets and lovely colorful hues wake us up from our neutral Winter palettes. March is when you start to see greenery unfold and weather warm up, which is why I knew these flower cones would be a perfect way to kick off the beginning of Spring.

These DIY cones make pretty gifts for your gal pals and are great to hang around the house to bring in that color I’ve been telling you about. If you’ve got a ton of extra paper & ribbon lying around, this is also a great way to put those materials to work!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 8 - 10 sheets of medium weight cardstock in the colors of your choice (I used four shades of pink)
  • 2-3 bunches of your favorite flowers (I used ranunculus here)
  • Ribbon
  • Single hole punch
  • Tape
  • Gift Tags
  • Twine

Step 1: Start by cutting your paper into 7in x 7in squares

Step 2: Roll your square starting from one edge towards the center to form a cone. If you’re having a bit of trouble, I found that a pencil is a great tool to help you form the tip of the cone. Secure with tape on the inside of the cone so no one can see any ugly white tape. If you’re using washi tape, let it show!

Step 3: Punch 6 holes about ¾ to 1 inch apart from each other around the top rim of your cone. These will be where you start weaving in your ribbon.

Step 4: Cut about 16 inches of ribbon per cone. Then start by weaving the ribbon from the inside out at the back of the cone. The ends should meet coming from inside of the cone to tie in the front.  Tie your bow, and your cone is finished!

Step 5: Cut & assemble your flowers to your liking. I cut a bunch at various lengths to get some height in the cones and to highlight the pretty ranunculus. If you’re worried about the water soaking in the paper, you can cut up small plastic bags and insert them into your cones, tucking away the plastic so no one can see it.

Step 6: If you plan on delivering these to your friends, write a pretty note on a gift tag and attach it to your cone using leftover ribbon or a piece of twine. No one will believe you made these!

See? I told you these would perk you right up and get you excited for Spring! I hope you’ve found some inspiration and make some cones of your own to celebrate the season. Until next time!

XO, Sami

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