Semi-Homemade:Lucky Charm Cupcake

Are you looking for a cute St. Patrick's day treat to make for the kiddos? Look no further, I have a fun semi-homemade treat that anybody can make!

Here's what you will need:

Any cake mix of your choice

Lucky Charms Cereal

I went with Duncan Hines Keylime frosting but you can choice any type of frosting you wish

Simply bake your cupcakes according to the instructions on the back of the box. Let your cupcakes cool off before frosting otherwise, your frosting may slide right off. I then scooped out all my frosting into a mixing bowl and re-mixed it. Did you know if you re-mix your frosting, you will get more frosting out of your can versus if you did not? You should try it next time! I then frosted my cupcakes and topped it with Lucky Charm cereal. So easy and so yummy! A perfect St. Patrick's Day treat.

To top off my cupcakes, I added a free St. Patrick's Day printable from the ladies of Petite Party Studio and you can click here to download it too! Enjoy!