Blissdom Recap- Business Cards

So if you plan on going to a blogger's conference, you are going to need some business cards. Not just regular o' business cards but some pretty awesome business cards.  After my first experience at Blissdom, I learned it is all about networking and connecting with fellow bloggers and your business card can speak a lot about you. Since I decided last minute that I was going to attend Blissdom, I need to come up with a business card quick! Luckily for me, my friend Kelsey with Poofy Cheeks  came to my rescue and created me the perfect business card that represented me and my blog. You can check out my business card here.  The first thing I did when I got home to make sure I did not lost of my contacts, I simply got my hole puncher and a metal ring. I punched a hole on each business card and attached them all to my metal ring to keep them all organized and it also made it easier for me to flip through them and connect with all my new friends. Do you have another good idea for organizing all the business cards you receive? I would love to here them!