DIY: Candy Apple Treat

I can't believe that school is almost out and summer vacation will soon be here. My son's school is gearing up for Teacher Appreciation Week and I thought I share this simple Candy Apple Treat tutorial with you!


Lollipop Sticks

Mini Cupcake Liners

Small Clear Cellophane Bags

Any type of small red candies. I used red sixlet's for mine.

Green felt for the leaves

Brown paint for the stem

I started off my painting only half of the lollipop stick with the brown paint for the stem. While my paint was drying, I took my green felt and free handed mini leaves. I took one of my mini cupcake liners and place it in my small cellophane bag than filled it up with my sixlets. I then took my painted lollipop stick and placed it right in the middle of the candy. I twisted my bag top around the lollipop stick, used clear tape to seal it close, and attached my leaf. Viola!

Super easy and super cute!

You could get creative and add a handmade tag saying " You're the Apple of my Eye!"

Happy Crafting Friends!