Why I love My Fit Foods & a Giveaway!

Have you heard of My Fit Foods? I recently had my first experience with My Fit Foods and I was totally impressed! I have been working hard this year on making some lifestyle changes and making better choices for me and my family. With two active little boys and a very busy schedule, a lot of times, we are picking up dinner and eating in the car as we are headed to a sports practice or game. In my attempt to make better choices this year for me and my family, I love the options that My Fit Foods has.



All there meals are prepared and pre-portioned for you. They focus on fresh, all natural ingredients containing lean proteins, low-glycemic index carbohydrates, healthy fats, and antioxidant rich spices. I love how all my food choices are clearly labeled and shows me exactly what is in the meal and how many calories it contains.

All the meals also contain a Best By label so you can make one stop in and buy multiple meals to dine on for the next few days.  If you are running short on time, you can also make your order online where they will prepare all your meals and have it ready for you to pick up which is great if you have your little ones in tow.

If you have certain dietary restrictions, 90% of our their meals are Gluten Free.

Some of my favorites  are from Left to Right:

1. Breakfast : Go Granola, 370 Calories

2.  Snack : Healthy Hummus Bowl, 150 Calories

3. Dinner: Salmon Roasted Vegetable Dinner, 460 Calories

4. Dinner: Brady's Cobb Salad , 300 Calories

They also offer some healthy yummy snacks by the check out counter. My favorite is the Perfect Fit Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie. Totally gluten free with no soy, wheat, or eggs and amazingly good!

If you are looking for a lifestyle change and a healthier you, I challenge you to try out My Fit Foods and see how they can help you make better food choices. They also offer a great 21 day challenge to help you meal plan and educate you on how to eat better and achieve amazing results.

To help jump start a better and healthier lifestyle, I am giving away 3 free meal cards to 5 lucky winners so you can try it out for yourself how delicious these meals are! Eat fit, Live fit !

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by My Fit Foods. All opinions and thoughts are my own.