Take Me Out To The Ball Game

photo (56)A few weekends ago, the Mister's company had a sponsored day out at ONEOK field or otherwise, better known as Driller's Stadium. We invited some friends to come hang out with us. It was a beautiful day to be at the ball park. If you local and haven't been to ONEOK field, you should go check it out. We spend a lot of our summer days at the stadium watching the game and playing at the splash pad. Throughout summer, ONEOK will host special events on certain days and one of my favorites is $2.00 Tuesdays when admission is $2.00 and so is a lot of the food and drinks. That makes for a super budget friendly outing and the playground +splash pad is a added bonus when you got little ones in tow. One piece of advice I will share that I failed to do (Insert Horrible Mother) is SUNSCREEN! Gosh, who knew one day it would be 30 degrees and the next day would be 80 degrees!

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