DIY: Gold Glitter Mason Jars

While preparing for The Crafters Bash, I knew I wanted have fresh flowers as center pieces at each craft table. I wanted to add a little extra something to the jars to coordinate with the color theme of the event so I decided that I needed to add gold glitter and I needed to add a lot of it because glitter makes my happy!

You would never believe how incredibly easy it was for me to create these jars. I purchased all my supplies at Michael's but you can pick up most of your supplies at your local craft store. I started off my using some washi tape and taping off half of the mason jar. I then used my foam brush and applied the mod podge to the bottom half only and before it can dry, I used a paper plate as my base and then poured my glitter all over the mod podge and set it on top of wax paper to dry. After the glue as dried, you can pull off your washi tape and that's it! You will have a beautiful gold glitter mason jar to use for whatever you want. After you are done glittering your jars, you can then pour your excess glitter back into the container for future use. Be aware that there will be glitter that falls off so I suggest storing your mason jars in ziploc bags so you don't have glitter all over the place.