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With a blog title like this, one can only expect total randomness and total randomness is what you are going to get. I've had a pretty busy past few weeks and I decided to hodge podge them all into one post, so here we go!

Please excuse my gray scrub bottoms but see this super cute green ruffle top I have on? I been eyeing these top for quote some time at Anthropologie but with the price tag of $118.00, it was too steep for my pockets so I kept my eye for it to go on sale and I finally was able to snag it for $29.99! I was pretty happy with my purchase.

I got a sweet surprise package from a dear friend.

I had a fun lunch date with these two awesome gals.

Football season is officially here for my oldest so while he is at practice, me and this little guy are hanging out.

I got to see Taylor Swift in concert.

The Mister and I got to have a date night this past weekend. We had dinner in Bricktown and I got to go to one of my favorite shops in Bricktown called Pinkitzel!

and did I mention, we went to the Bruno Mars concert? The show was AMAZING!

So, that pretty much sums up my past week, what have you been up too?

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