Hope Spoken + 5 Things Link Up


Today I am linking up with some pretty awesome ladies that I will get the pleasure to meet at the Hope Spoken Conference in March. This conference almost didn't happen for me. I recently found out that our plans had changed and that I would be able to attend to only find out all the tickets were SOLD OUT! Total bummer! Who knew a little SOS on Instagram would result in a blessing from a friend who could  no longer go due to pregnancy and an opportunity for me to go!

So, here I go!

5 things for HopeSpoken:

- post your picture so that we can recognize you. - introduce yourself! - something that you are little timid or nervous about for the weekend- something that you are hoping to take away from HopeSpoken- share something fun/random about yourself

So, you seen what I look like so be sure to say "Hi!" at the conference!Let's see, My name is Thuy ( sounds like Twee ) and I am a 30 something year old Mrs. to the Mister and Mom to two very active boys! I live in the great state of Oklahoma and have lived here all my life. I am the creator of a crafting event called The Crafters Bash and I have a slight obsession with planners and pretty paper. Oh, and I like to craft... like a lot !

Something that I am a little nervous about for the weekend is probably the fact that I get to meet so many amazing women that I have followed for so long or just recently found out about and will be slightly overwhelm from all the inspiration and fellowship that will be shared but I promise, I will not throw up. =)

Something that I am hoping to take away from this weekend is a real awakening.I let the chaos and our hectic life consume me and I am not living in the moment anymore and I honestly need someone to hit my refresh button.

So something random about me is that before I decide  what I will pack for this conference, I will already have a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper in my car and I really like donuts, just the plain glaze kind.

If you have never heard of Hope Spoken, you can find out more about the conference here and the word on the street is that they will be opening up 30 more tickets in the next few days!

I can't wait to meet everyone!