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Gosh, I know it's been very quiet lately on the blog. It has been quite a busy and emotional few weeks. If you follow me on social media then you probably know that The Mister and I recently lost his Grandmother this week. Due to her health, we knew this was coming but the event of it has been an emotional roller coaster. Thank you everyone who commented, sent messages, called, text messaged, or email with your thoughts and prayers. My family and I are extremely grateful for your kindness. The online community that I call my extended family has played such an important role in sharing unconditionally support for me and I couldn't be more filled with joy with the friendships and connections I have made through this land of social media. While all this has been happening, I have continue to keep working to keep my mind occupied and hopefully meet some of my deadlines before I head to Dallas next weekend for Hope Spoken. I am looking forward and need this weekend to happen. So often we get consumed with life and our hectic schedules, those dreaded long to do list that we lose focus on what really matters at that moment and we don't realize that it's ok  that you didn't mark off everything on your list and that sometimes, embracing that moment with your love ones or taking time to enjoy what is happening around you is so much more important and realize those moments are sometimes hard to come by so we need to enjoy them, soak them in, and love them. As excited as I am to attend Hope Spoken, I am also just as nervous being surrounded by so many ladies that I admire and finally meeting them in real life. I am looking forward to the connections, growth in faith, and the friendships that will happen over these 2 days. I have been busy behind the scenes getting ready for next Crafters Bash with my friend, Heather of Design Roots. This will be an amazing event and I can't wait to meet all the wonderful ladies who were lucky enough to snag a seat! A quick update on Pinwheel Parcels is that all boxes will be shipped April 14th! I am so excited to get these packages in your mailbox and happy mail into your hands! Subscriptions for the next Pinwheel Parcels will open on May 1st so mark your calendars! There will be a limited amount of subscriptions available and the first round, we sold out in 24 hours! Truly amazing! On another note, I was featured on the Thrive Moms blog yesterday sharing about myself and Pinwheel Parcels. I recently signed up for their first virtual retreat on May 3rd and I am excited that I will be hosting a viewing party in my home and I will share more details on that soon!   Then this happen today at the most perfect time as life as been overwhelming and I have been feeling self doubt and discouraged, I won a coaching session with Vana with Le Papier Studio and I could not be more excited! I have been a customer and follower of Vana's for quite some time so getting a chance to talk life and shop with her is such a honor and I can't wait to get some expert advise from such a successful lady. I will be sure to share more about this on the blog!

Whew, I apologize for such a lengthy post but I had a lot share!  Lots of events in works for this year and collaboration plus be on the lookout for events happening in other states! If you are interested in collaborating with me and hosting The Crafters Bash in your town, contact me and I would love to chat more!

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