Mail Tag : You're It!

About a week ago, I got this fun letter in the mail. It was my first "mail tag" by a sweet friend all the way from Australia. Rin of Papered Thoughts is the best when it comes to snail mail. She is so creative and I love her attention to detail. I am sure you are wondering what being "mail tag" means so I thought I share with you today on this fun way to send happy mail works. 

There is no right or wrong way to "mail tag" a friend. I am sure we all played Tagged when we were younger and this is the same concept but in a snail mail form. You compose a fun letter or package and you include a note stating that person has been "mail tagged" and you ask them a few questions and hopefully in return they compile you a fun letter back with the answers and then tagging you with a set of their own questions for you to answer and write back. It's a fun way to get to know your friends better and keep some fun mail arriving in your mailbox when you least expect it!

So  there you go friends, you asked and I answered. I am excited to compose my own fun letter to send back to Rin and think of my own mail tag questions to ask her. Happy Tagging!