inkWELL Press Planner + A Giveaway!


DSC_3924Ok, so we all know I have a slight obsession with planners. No matter how much things change and how technology seems to evolve, I will also be the girl who will always use an old school planner. I love how I can organize my day in my planner and actually see what I have accomplish and what I have checked off on my to do list. Plus, how else would I ever get a chance to use all that cute washi tape up?! For the past three years, I have been devoted to my lovely Erin Condren Life Planner. It was personalize, colorful, and it had everything I needed to use to organize my days. I was sure there wouldn't be another planner that I would love as much as my Erin Condren until I decided to try the inkWELL Press Planner. DSC_3906When my planner first arrived, I was quite impressed. I could tell that this company took pride in the product on the way it was shipped and presented. It was thoughtfully package and I love how it also came with a very inspiring print that I could keep at my desk or even carry around in my planner.

DSC_3908I decided to go with the Live Well Flex version for my planner to have more space to jot down daily task and notes. The planner is 7.5x9.5 and has a hard bound cover.It is bounded in a gold wire and has very thick pages so I don't have to worry about my pen leaking on to the next page and I love how the tabs have a mylar coating which leaves them very sturdy and thick.

DSC_3909DSC_3925Another great feature of the planner is that each month it comes with a Mission Board page where you can write down your various plans and goals for the month which I love. To me, writing down your goals gives you a daily reminder of what you want to achieve and holds you accountability to make things happen. On the opposite page, there is a full page for just Notes and Ramblings which is perfect for me when I am brainstorming various ideas and I need a plan to jot them all down. Another amazing feature is their video tutorials on how to best use your planner because who doesn't need help figuring out the best way to stay organize. DSC_3912DSC_3921

DSC_3914I have to say, I have been really impressed with my inkWELL planner and I am so glad I made the switched! And if you aren't so much into paper planners, they will be coming out with various other Planners including a fitness one and meal planning too! AND, because you guys are just that awesome and I know you share the love of planners with me, I have team up with inkWELL Press Planner to give one lucky person a free planner! Head over to my Instagram account and be sure to follow me at @mypaperpinwheel + @inkwellpress on Instagram and leave a comment on my Instagram post on which design you would pick if you won and I'll pick a winner on Wednesday!