Budgeting Tips + a Giveaway!


DSC_4629It's quite funny that I am actually writing about budgeting and sharing some of my money saving tips because if you know me, I am weak and totally an impulse buyer BUT I decided things needed to change. With the building of our new home, we will have several expenses and I wanted to make sure we would be financially prepared for it but don't think it was easy for me friends! Budgeting is not my thing and the Mister would totally agree. He is the more practical one and I am the one living in pretty stationery and glittery things but I am SLOWLY adjusting and I actually enjoy knowing where our hard earn money is going. So let's get to it and keep in mind, I am not professional when it comes to budgeting and I actually come use some tips so please feel free to share with me, I am sure the Mister would greatly appreciate it! 1. FIGURE OUT A WAY TO DOCUMENT YOUR BUDGET

Before I could commit to budgeting and breaking down our income versus expenses, I need a way to document where our money was going and being the visual person I am, I knew if I didn't have something to write everything down that I wouldn't be able to stick with my plans to save money. That is where I found The Budget Notebook by Ashley Shelly. I love her notebook because first off, it was within my budget, she offers a variety of fun designs, and it was small enough for me to throw in my purse and have it available to me when I need it.



It was so important to me to figure out exactly how much income was coming in on a monthly basis for me to budget as accurate as possible and of course, that is the dollar amount after taxes and other deductions are taken out.


To budget your finances, you need to know what your monthly expenses and debt are. Writing down every thing you pay on a monthly basis will let you see how much you need to have set side to make sure all the bills are paid and what is left over for savings and fun spending.


For you to truly be accountable about your finances and stick with your goal of budgeting, you need to document and be consistent. Documenting an expense here and there will not truly reflect how much money you have spent or saved and would defeat the entire purpose of trying to be responsible with your money and because I am such a visual person and want you to succeed in your budgeting adventures, head over to my Instagram account to learn how to win your own Budget Notebook and get a jumpstart on getting a grip on your finances!