Schedule It

At least one time a week, schedule a date. Get out your calendars and write it down together. So often, you think, “Oh, I’m too tired.” or “This week is so busy; we can do date night next week.” But then the weeks turn into months before you even realize it.  You don’t always have to go out on the town either! Camp out on the living room floor for popcorn and a movie, cook a late night dinner together or sit on the patio to watch the sunset. The important thing is not what you do but that you are spending the time together. 

Something New

There’s nothing that can reignite a flame quicker than trying something new together. Exercise, take a dance or cooking class, go bowling, take a college course together or try out a new performance at the opera. Another fun idea is to act like a tourist in your own city. There’s probably a thousand things you have been meaning to try so go out there and try them together!

Take a Trip

Getting away from your regular routine, even if only for a day, can be so rejuvenating for a couple. Pick a place or activity that is about an hour away and make a day of it! If you’re lucky enough to getaway for the whole weekend, make the most of it by doing activities that focus on the two of you and not the kids, the house, your jobs, etc. Once you are able to both relax you’ll be able to soak up all that alone time!

The Day Date

Newsflash: Date night doesn’t always have to be at night! Visit your favorite brunch place, skip out of work early for a long lunch and a museum visit or attend a class at the gym together. Sometimes after a long day at work or being home with the kids you just don’t feel energetic so getting out together alone during the day can feel very exhilarating! And a little naughty if you’re playing hooky. 

Wear Something New

Nearly everyone looks forward to date night when they have something new to put on! Try something from your closet you rarely get to wear (high heels, anyone?) or grab that cute pair of wedges on the sale rack for your next date. It doesn’t have to too expensive or a whole new outfit. Both of you will be feeling like a million bucks in your something new, which is always a great way to start off any date!