I Made The Switch: Day Designer


Ya'll, I have planner issues. Let's face it, I basically switch planners every other month, well, not really but you get the picture. It is always a challenge for me to find the perfect planner that fits my needs and my lifestyle and if it works for one thing, then it is always missing something that I wished it had.I recently got the opportunity to try the Day Designer  created my personal friend, Whitney English and let me tell you, it's for me. I have tried several planners in the past and I honestly didn't have the Day Designer on the top of my list but after actually trying it out and using it, I found that it is just what I needed.  DSC_7322

DSC_7326I am a list maker and I have yet to find a planner like the Day Designer that actually has a big to do list and I love it! I thrive off jotting down a daily to do list and I love that it is separate from my actually scheduled appointments. The planner also comes with a monthly view which I use all the time to get an idea on what kind of month I have coming up and it also helps me plan for future events. 


DSC_7342If you are looking for a planner to keep you organized, use as a business tool and looks very stylist then I highly suggest you give the Day Designer a try!