Confetti Push Pops

Hi Lovelies! Sami from The Unexpected Type here with a party perfect DIY that will make you find a reason to celebrate: colorful Confetti Push Pops! My obsession with planning parties and paper goods has escalated drastically, so I knew I had to create something party-ready. My love for confetti and abundance of tissue paper led me to these festive pops that serve a couple purposes, whether you’re throwing a party, creating wedding favors, or just sending a fun gift. These Confetti Push Pops are incredulously easy and no one will believe you made them. Img1

Here’s what you need:


Instructions Step 1 Layer your tissue paper in squares and begin cutting confetti using fringe scissors or regular scissors. I found my Martha Stewart ombre paper at Michael’s for $3 and absolutely LOVE the color combo it created. I also added some iridescent confetti for extra sparkle (because we always need extra sparkle!)

Img3 Img4

Step 2 Remove the lid of your mold, and fill generously with confetti. Cap the top and you’ve got a popper!

img5 Img6

Step 3 Next, cut out your labels. There are two ways to adhere these. You can print them or transfer them to contact/sticker paper and then effortlessly, yet carefully, stick them on. Or you can print them on regular paper and secure with a strip of washi tape—which is exactly what I did.


Step 4 Pop ‘em, give ‘em, love ‘em, and enjoy! Never forget to party just a little!

Img8 Img9 Img10

Hope you all have fun making your own Confetti Push Pops! If you make your own, don’t forget to share with us. Until next time! XO, Sami.


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