Interior E-Design

I can remember as a little girl rearranging the furniture in my room a handful of times a year. I was thrilled to pick out my own paint color and sponge paint the wall with a friend (yeah, that’s right.) When I was younger and living on my own, I had a bad habit of going to Target or Marshall’s to buy home décor items I loved but definitely didn’t need.

Interior Design is a hobby for me. I dabble in it; I’m an interior design dabbler. I’ve always enjoyed home decorating magazines and blogs and HOLY MOLY once Pinterest was born I was one of the first in line to get on board! Pun intended. I love tweaking our home now and then, moving furniture or art, adding a new piece or refreshing a room. It’s never just truly finished and I think that is so freeing – there’s no pressure to “get it done”. It’s always evolving as the seasons of our lives change. I recently cracked Design Mom’s new book and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It’s given me so much inspiration to help all of us live happier in our own house with what works for our family.

So, when it was time to move the boys into a shared room I was giddy with excitement to get started. But I stalled and I stalled, then I would make some progress and stall some more. I was stumped at how to arrange the room. With a small footprint and a whole lotta furniture to fit in I just couldn’t quite figure it out. Additionally, I knew I did not want to have matching cribs and was having a hard time finding a reasonable priced one with a mid-century look. I needed help and I knew just whom I was going to turn to.

For many years, I have wanted to do an E-Design project with an interior designer but was always hesitant because I thought it was completely cost prohibitive. Now…for some of you it may still not be in your budget right now but I’m here to tell you it’s probably not as much as you think! Plus, it is so much fun for an interior design dabbler – I get to exercise my design muscle, focus on a well-curated professional plan just for me and then I get to do the actual work in the room. I was always very curious about how the process went so now that I’m on the other side of it (and in the middle of our second E-Design project) I thought you might be curious too so I’m going to share it with you!

I called up my friend, Chrissi Shields and enlisted her help with the boys shared room. We had a nice 30-minute chat about what I was struggling with and what I was hoping to accomplish. She then sent me a quote based on our chat, and once I approved it I filled out a form with questions about my style, details about the room, furniture to keep and the measurements of the room. I included pictures of the space as well as a handful of inspirational images, along with a Pinterest board chockfull of some beautiful images. Chrissi provided a really handy checklist to make sure I had given her everything she needed to start designing. We chatted one more time after this to talk specifics about the inspiration images I picked and anything else on the worksheet that stood out to her. Then Chrissi got to designing. Not too long afterward, I got this little preview in my inbox…

Interior E-Design Concept Board

It is so perfect and I love every inch of it! I just sat and stared at it for hours after receiving it. It made me smile every time and I knew then and there the investment was worth every penny! Chrissi solved my room layout struggles, found a crib that was not only affordable but exactly what I was looking for as well as suggesting other furnishings that will grow with the boys for years and years.

Interior E-Design Room Layout

 Chrissi then shipped me some fabulous printed boards of the concept board and room layout to keep me focused along with a flash drive containing the shopping links I needed to start putting together the room. All of which was wrapped up in her gorgeous brand packaging as if I was the Queen of England!

Everything was so perfect I wanted to buy it all right away to see the concept board come to life. But, that’s not real life now is it. I decided on a starting budget, picked the essentials that had to be bought first (crib and dresser) and thanks to a couple of coupons was able to get a few of my “wants” from the list (the big ones were the rug and bookcase) I’m still drooling over the lighting but it’ll have to wait along with a few of the other finishing touches. And that’s okay, building a well lived and well-loved room takes time.

Interior E-Design-2 Interior E-Design-27 Interior E-Design-24 Interior E-Design-22 Interior E-Design-20 Interior E-Design-15 Interior E-Design-28 Interior E-Design-29 Interior E-Design-30 Interior E-Design-33

I would love to know what y’all think about the room and if you have any questions about the E-Design process, let me know!



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