Free Thanksgiving Printable with Print Stitch and Paste

I am so excited to share a fun printable for you to use during your Thanksgiving dinner this year. Cara with Print Stitch and Paste has created two fun printable that will be great entertainment with the kids and adults alike. I love having a little activity planned for the kids to give all the adults a chance to mingle and eat. 

The first printable is a fun cross word puzzle and maze which will be great for the older kids. The second printable is a Thankful printable that will be fun for kids and adults to fill out and share what they might be thankful for this year. 

A fun way to share these printable is to use kraft paper as table paper and add jars of crayons for coloring and writing. 

I hope you enjoy these free printables from my sweet friend Cara and be sure to check out her shop for all sorts of adorable paper goodies and because sharing is caring, you can use the code "GobbleGobble" for 20% off your entire order! Happy Thanksgiving! 

You can grab the printables here and here.  

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