DIY Swizzle Sticks

Swizzle, stir, sip. However you serve them, a great cocktail is always a good idea! As we said goodbye to Summer just a week ago, Fall turns into a hectic and busy time—barely leaving room for anything as school starts and new projects begin. These swizzle sticks were born when I discovered I was bartending at a close friend’s wedding… the night before the wedding.Since I couldn’t say no, they also threw in that I could do absolutely whatever I wanted to do bar. So I concocted up the EASIEST swizzle stick known to crafters everywhere (since I have to make 200!) and printed out a hand-designed bar menu. Voila! You only need three things to make these swizzle sticks, which are perfect for your upcoming soiree.


Pompoms (whatever color you like!) We mixed metals with gold & silver

 Lollipop sticks

Hot Glue Gun

1. Start by creating a pile of pompoms and setting out your lollipop sticks while you glue gun heats up. If you’re making a ton of these, you’ll need an assembly line to get them glued fast.

2. Add a small dab of hot glue on the top of the lollipop stick, add your pompom and stick in an upright empty cup to let dry.

3. Seriously, that’s it.

4. Most importantly, CELEBRATE!

I bet you didn’t believe me when I mentioned how EASY these swizzle sticks were, right? I think gold, red, and blue pompoms would look super cute on white sticks for a Super Hero themed party, no?

The possibilities are pretty endless as you can change pom-poms colors, stick colors,and always add washi tape around the actual stick. Don’t forget to share your swizzle stick creations with us!