Back to School (and Work!) Essentials

It’s the time of the year again: BACK TO SCHOOL! Here comes the time of excitement as you watch your littles march off to 2nd grade… and maybe some total sadness as college and high school students watch the Summer days diminish. Where we’re ready or not, school time is here! 

Since graduating college, I’ve decided that us post-college creatives should dub this time as “Back to Work Essentials.” Not that we haven’t been here all Summer or anything ☺ but it’s the perfect time to refresh your workspace and work tools, whether we’re updating our desks or our wardrobes.  We deserve a work refresh, too! (Plus, there’s a ton of great sales going on for you to score some great deals!)

I’ve put together guides for your back to school essentials just for the littlest of students, high school & college students, and for the post-college/school creatives! If you’re a creative and have kids, these guides have all your bases completely covered.


Get your back to school (and work!) essentials!

Or maybe you aren’t ready to watch your bundle of joy walk right off into kindergarten or grade school, but helping them prep for the big day will ease your nerves. Turn the tables and get ready for school with fun pens, crayons, and highlighters to doodle on a cool notebook. Upgrade their lunch with an even cooler bento box in their favorite color.

Playon crayons | drumstick pens | bento box | rainbow highlighter | spiral notebook


Get your back to school (and work!) essentials!

This stage of school is when reality starts to really kick in and careers take off (exciting!) That means it’s time to get organized with a great planner or agenda as you begin the year along with erasable pens to adjust your schedule and all those hectic changes. Be sure to stay hydrated during intense studying and sports time with a new water bottle. DON’T FORGET to capture your memories with a portable camera. Then, bundle it all up and throw it in a Baggu backpack for the best year in high school or college yet!

ban.Do agenda | bkr water bottles | frixion erasable pens | baggu canvas backpack | camera


Get your back to school (and work!) essentials!

Woohoo! Everyone’s off to school and prepped for their big days, what about you? Your desk totally needs some love. Update your space with cool texture by adding these pretty planters or a lux acrylic pencil holder. All those pretty pencils in your holder are essential for updating your desktop calendar (lit by your amazing rock lamp.) Don’t forget your lunch! Bring it in a Marimekko-inspired bento bowl and you’ll have the most stylish lunch at the office.

Geometric hanging planter| pencil cup | bento salad bowl | desktop calendar | rock lamp

My Must Have Items for Back to School

School is back in session in just a few days and before every school year, I like to make sure the house is organized and ready for the start of a busy time of the year. I have partnered with my friends at Wayfair to share with you some of my must have items for Back to School time to make sure this mama doesn't go crazy with two boys in school this year!

This houndstooth tweed storage basket is one of my favorite baskets to keep around the stairs so toys that end up downstairs during the day can be placed in this basket and easily brought upstairs to go back where they belong.

With all the numerous projects that come home, this storage cart is a must to store all the extra school and craft supplies because you never know what items you will need to have on hand to complete their assignments.

Another must, must have to start the school year for my own sanity is having plenty of storage baskets in my pantry for snacks! It's funny how kids are ALWAYS hungry so I make sure the pantry is stocked and the snacks are organized in different baskets and it also makes it easier for me to know when it's time to stock up again.

Last but not least is having a command center. With all the school functions and paperwork that comes home, to make sure I don't double book appointments or miss out on a program, I create a school command center where our month is displayed and everyone is aware of where we need to be and when. I know these are just a few ways that keeps this mama sane for the school year but I am sure there are ton of great ideas out there. If you have a certain thing you do before each school year for your own sake and organization, I would love to hear them in the comments below! Thank you to Wayfair for sponsoring this post!