My New Go To Dessert : Chucks O' Fruti - Natural Fruit Popsicles #FreshNFruti

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Sundays are usually the day to get ready for the busy week that is coming up. Grocery shopping is always first on our list. I love to shop at Sam's Club when we can and since school is all most out and summer is quickly approaching, it was the perfect time to stock up the freezer too. Since the summers get so hot here, we make sure there is always nice cold treat  in the freezer. Since working on changing the lifestyle of our eating habbits for me and my family, I am always looking for healthier alternative for dessert. I was so glad to discover, Chucks O' Fruti 100% Natural Fruit Popsicles. Since our family enjoys a lot of fruit, having it served in a popsicle form was a added bonus for the kids. They got the enjoyment of eating a popsicle after dinner and I loved the concept that it is  100% natural fruit bars.

Oh, the temptations were there to go back to the chocolate bars and purchase the normal ice cream we usually eat, but I knew I had to put my family's health first and choose a better dessert option!

We compared what we normally like to eat versus what Chunks O' Fruti Natural Fruit Popsicles and we both decided the frozen fruit bars was the way to go!  Natural Fruit Corporation takes pride in selecting premium fresh fruit from around the world for their frozen fruit bars. They only use premium fruit ingredients including freshly frozen fruit or packed fruit pieces that are delivered to their facility shortly after harvesting.

I love how the  natural fruit bars are individually boxed. They understand as a Sam's Club consumer, that you are buying larger packaging. Freezer space at your home is at a premium. Within their 16 count box, they provide 4 inner boxes to conveniently fit into your freezer, wherever you have space. The party planner in me loves how cute the boxes are and I am thinking what a perfect treat to surprise your neighbor with on a hot summer day.

My favorite flavor is Strawberry. My oldest is just like me and his favorite is Strawberry too but my little guy is digging the Caribbean Mix!

If you aren't already drooling over these Natural Fruit Bars, check out their site on more information including some awesome recipes using Chunks O' Fruti. What will your favorite flavor be? You can check out my entire shopping trip via Google+ here!

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