Tulsa Instagram + Be Crafty Workshop Recap

Gosh, where did September go? September was a extremely busy month for me plus it was my birthday month and I am a full year older and hopefully wiser too! I am just now getting a chance to recap Tulsa's First Instagram meet up + Be Crafty Workshop. I was SO excited when I heard Be Crafty was coming to Oklahoma. I have been a follower of Amanda, the lady behind all the Be Craft Workshops for quite some time and I have always wanted to attend one of her workshops and now she was bringing the workshop to my town and teaming up with Lesley and Allison to host this awesome event!

{all photos are via my iPhone}

The venue was of course, adorable and I loved all the detail that was put into the event and HELLO, do you see all those mini donuts from Lip Your Lips Mini Donuts! They were delish!

{me + amanda}

I tell you, the best thing about these events are the people you get to meet. It's amazing how you can meet someone for the first time but instantly feel like you have been friends for awhile or have the instant friendship without ever seeing their face in real life. It's a true blessing to have meet the ladies!

{me + kate}

{me + jenna}

{me + lesley in a donut cheers!}

I love our name tags and the personalize swag boxes.

I love how my projects turned out! My adorable chalkboard is hanging in my entry way with my new fall garland!

The swag was out of this world amazing!

I had such a great time at Be Crafty Oklahoma and I treasure all the friendships that I made. I can't wait to see everyone again!

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