Mamarazzi of Tulsa Workshop

I was so excited to attend the Mamarazzi of Tulsa Photography Workshop last weekend. I have been wanting to take a photography class for quite some time but always been so busy that I never made time for it to happen. The mister got me a big girl camera about a year ago and I barely knew what all the buttons meant so I knew if I wanted to take more quality photos of my family or even for my blog, I needed to learn my camera better. I love what Ashley and Jenny have created with the Mamarazzi of Tulsa Photography workshops. They do such an amazing job teaching how to use the function on your cameras and take your photos from average to awesome! 



mamarazzi8photo 2 (2)Jenny, Me, and Ashley 

photo 1 (2)

I was so happy to see old friends and make new friends during the workshop. These are are truly inspirational and amazing!

To learn more about the Mamarazzi of Tulsa Workshop and attend the class, you can check out their website here and if you aren't local, you can purchase their workbook here.