Recap: Mini Valentine's Day Bash

Where do I even start to recap the Mini Valentine's Day Bash?!? Valentine's Day is one of my most favorite holiday and I was so excited for this event!I hosted this event at Loops.  If you are local and haven't been to Loops , it is a super fun and cute yarn store and the owner is just the sweetest for offering her entire shop for us to craft the afternoon away. My sweet friend Karen aka my Crafters Bash wing woman and Kim were so sweet to help me set up the day before an thank goodness we did because you never guessed what happen the next day. IT SNOWED and it kept on snowing! I was in pure panic mode! I knew were were expecting snow but it was suppose to happen way later in the day and honestly, I didn't think I need to come up with a backup plan. Thank goodness to awesome friends who calm me down that morning! I was so worried that the ladies weren't going to be able to make it yet alone myself. I have  anxiety when it comes to driving in bad weather. I quickly posted a message to see if the should reschedule the event due to the weather but let me know you. I have the best ladies who come to my event. They braved the bad weather and all but a few ladies weren't able to make it and luckily for me, my sweet friend Lesley came to my rescue and picked me up. I was in total shock. I couldn't believe that these ladies would risk driving in the bad weather just to come to my event. I have been so blessed to have met the most wonderful ladies who buy out my events and support me 110 percent. What started on a whim as turned out to be a blessing and I am so thankful that I get to host these events.

These are those wonderful ladies I just mentioned and I am oh so grateful for them all.

I love the beautiful The Crafters Bash banner that Stephanie with stephloveben made for the event and I can't wait to use it for the next event! Tassel garland and Confetti balloon via The Flair Exchange.

Yummy cupcakes via Sweet Mama Cupcakes 

I was so excited to have my sweet friend Kim with Lilyasher teach a craft project during the event and the ladies did such an awesome job on their Heart Striped canvas. Thanks Kim for teaching this fun craft and spoiling the ladies with their own pair of Lilyasher earrings too!

Regardless of the horrible weather, we had an amazing afternoon of crafting and friendship and that is the exact reason why I continue to host these events and I love the opportunity to make new and wonderful friends. Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors for always supporting The Crafters Bash and sending such wonderful items for me to share with each of the ladies that attend.

If you get a chance, be sure to head over and check out their sites and if you are sharing swag, be sure to use the hashtag #thecraftersbash !

The Flair Exchange 

House 129

Sweet Mama Cupcakes 

A Blissful Nest 

Owl and Drum 


Paperdoll Designs 


Simply Nesting 


Midwest Modern Girl 

Ike and Co. 

Doodles by Amy Lou

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