Hope Spoken and My Renewal Faith

I am not sure where to begin to start the recap of  my recent experience at Hope Spoken nor did I know that this welcoming sign would forever impact my life. When I first heard of Hope Spoken from a dear friend,  I really didn't think twice about actually attending and I honestly think the reason I didn't is because deep inside of me, my fear is much greater than my faith and I just assume I wasn't good enough to attend. My faith has been a constant battle in my life. Growing up in a household where my parents each had their own beliefs and never stepping foot inside a church as a family left for a lot of uncertain thoughts  about God and how he played a role in my life. I am so glad I listen to my heart and decided to attend regardless how uncomfortable I knew this experience was going to be. I was so nervous the entire drive down to Dallas and even had thoughts of turning around and heading back home but I knew I couldn't. I knew that I could not let my fear and self doubt get the best of me. I was bound to grow my faith and let it be much bigger than the fear that I had walking into this conference. It's quite a whirlwind of emotions when you attend an event like these where several of your "online friends" or women you admire would all be present and you have the opportunity to meet them  and hear their stories. It truly is such a refreshing feeling and I am so thankful for all the new friendships that were made.

My roomies: Kimber, Anna, and Victoria

I was so excited to meet these three ladies ( Hannah, Ruth, & Maggie) right here yet alone, get to share a meal with them. Hannah was the talented lady behind our Devotional Book for Hope Spoken and it's good stuff. I haven't been able to put it down since I been home.

I was so happy to get to finally meet Aly in real life. I have known Aly for awhile on Instagram and it was excited to actually get to hug her in person and find out she was going to be my small group leader for the weekend.  She is truly a kindred spirit and she definitely made a impact on my life in such a short about of time.

These ladies were all part of my small group and I couldn't have been more honored to get to share my time at Hope Spoken with them. Thank you ladies for sharing your stories -- lots of tears were shared but new friendships and stronger faith were gained.

As uncomfortable as I felt, as not "Godly" enough that I called myself, with all the self doubt and fear in the world, I am so grateful that I got an opportunity to attend Hope Spoken. Because of this conference, a sense of Hope is within me and I am seeing my faith in such a different direction. I have found a renewal in my faith. What an incredible weekend -- full of love, encouragement, new friendships, and a greater faith.

If you wanted to attend but didn't get the opportunity to do so, Hope Spoken 2015 will be March 27-29 in Dallas, Texas and the line up of speakers are amazing! I hope to see you there next year!