Our Weekend Recap: A Girl's Night + Driller's Game

Is it even appropriate to do a weekend recap on a Thursday with the new weekend coming up? Well, appropriate it or not, I am totally recapping my past weekend! I honestly can not believe it is almost August! Since the end of school my calendar has been jammed pack and every weekend has had some sort of event happening and I really can't even remember the last time I just sat on my sofa and knew in my mind there was nothing for me to do or a deadline to meet before Monday rolled around again. Life is crazy, things are changing in a great way, and I am trying to find a happy balance in between if that even existent! On Friday, I had a opportunity to join the ladies for a fun girl's night to celebrate a friend's birthday. Pedicures and sushi was on the agenda and I was totally excited to have a evening to relax and enjoy great company. jcbirthday1


On Saturday, the Mister's company hosted their annual company night at the Driller's where they treated us some tickets to the game and dinner. We were able to grab some extra tickets so we invited a few friends to join us and it turned out to an amazing evening. The weather was perfect and we ended the night watching the firework show.


The last picture with the photo prop was totally needed. I mean, it was basically screaming our name to take a picture and then photo collage it! Don't laugh if you see this photo on my next Christmas card!