Canning Workshop: Freckle Hen Farm

photo 1 (5) This past weekend I took a mini road trip to Fayetteville to attend a Canning Workshop hosted by Natalie of Natalie Creates for one of her first workshops on her farm, Freckle Hen Farm. I was look forward to seeing Natalie again and finally seeing her farm and her most adorable home!

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We started off our day getting to know each other and checking out all the wonderful swag that all the  gracious sponsors sent for each of us and then we headed right into canning. I was really excited to learn how the canning process worked and actually get my hands dirty with my first canning experience.

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After we boiled, peeled, and unseeded our tomatoes. We let our tomatoes cook down and then learned about the proper way to store your tomatoes so it does not go bad. One thing I did learn for sure is lemon juice is oh so important friends!

photo 4 (4)After enjoying a yummy lunch made by Kara of Arch Craft, we got picked up by Hogs Head and headed into Prairie Grove for some junking! I scored a few great pieces and I am excited to hang them in the house!

photo 3 (5)

photo 2 (8)Before the workshop ended, Natalie had a little craft station for us to decorate our jars of canned tomatoes and I love how everyone's jars turned out!

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I had such an amazing time on the farm and getting to meet so many fun and creative ladies! I may have to consider a farm in my future after having such a great time on the Freckle Hen Farm, but I may have to convince the Mister first!  If you get a chance to attend one of Natalie's workshop, I highly recommend it! I hear there is another in the works perhaps early next year!