Turning Four and Our Batman Party

Over the weekend, we celebrated our little guy's 4th birthday Batman style! My little guy has always been a superhero fan and especially loved Batman so I knew exactly what kind of party we wanted to have BUT with our home on the market, I knew I didn't want to host our party at home like we normally do so that really limited me on what I could actually do when it came to decor. Being the party planner that I am, it actually made me quite nervous about not being sure how the party would truly look like but I just went with it. I kept things much more simple this year with my own version of Gotham City. To create this Gotham City background, I simply took a black science project board and yellow card stock ands cut out mini rectangle shapes and take them on to my board. So easy and it set the perfect backdrop for my sweets display. photo 5

photo 1[3]photo 2[3]photo 3[3]photo 4photo 1[4]photo 3[4]

Happy 4th Birthday Little Guy! We love you to the moon and back!

Thank you to Oriental Trading for partnering with me to make this birthday party a success!