DIY Hostess Gift Idea + Thanksgiving Holiday Blog Hop

I am so excited to share that I have teamed up with 12 amazing bloggers to host a Thanksgiving Holiday blog hop! Join us as we all share fun ideas and tips for a stress free holiday from what to wear to serving up an amazing dessert. 

Today I am sharing a fun Hostess gift idea that is extra cute and super simple. It's one of my favorite go to gift ideas when we are headed over to our friend's for dinner. 

I normally have several of Mrs. Meyer's hand soaps and products on hand thanks to my subscription to E-Pantry. I simply paired up a bottle of Mrs. Meyer's hand soap with a fun kitchen towel and then use a berry basket or in this case, a porcelain white colander from Target and finished it up with a pretty bow and homemade gift tag. This Hostess gift is just adorable and will be the perfect gift for any type of event. I promise they will love your thoughtfulness! 

Now, that you have your Hostess gift taken care of, head over to other 12 amazing bloggers and check out their tips and ideas to make your Thanksgiving the best one yet! Happy Holidays! 

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