Fall Wardrobe Capsule Update

It's been a few weeks since I decided to do a Fall Wardrobe capsule based on the concept by Caroline of Un-Fancy and I wanted to share with you a little update on how it's been going. I really had to change the way I shop and I honestly have to say it was easier than I thought. I think the only times things got a little harder is when I came across some amazing deals that the old me would totally stock up but instead, I didn't and I am so glad for this current change. It also is more budget friendly where I am able to save money for other things.  

Here are some of the recent pieces I have added for my fall capsule. They are mostly from The Loft and The Loft outlet.  

The Gray lace top is from The Loft outlet and I just love this top! It's great for work and perfect with skinny jeans. Several of the tops I have recently purchased are very universal and I will be able to create different outfits with them including my new black and white skirt. This skirt is the perfect fit and it goes with several of my new tops then when it gets colder, I will pair it with tights, boots, and a cozy sweater. 

From left to right:

1.  Gray Lace top : Loft Outlet 

2. Pink Ruffle Sleeveless top: Loft Outlet

3. Blue Plaid Button Up : Banana Republic

4. Black and White Sleeveless top: Loft

5. Black Peplum Sweater top: Loft

6. Olive 3/4 quarter sleeve top: Loft

7. Gray Sweater top: Loft

8. Black Hi-low Black top: Loft

9. Black and white skirt: Loft Outlet