I Survived the One Day Cleanse -- kind of.

I can officially say HAPPY FRI-YAY friends because I survived my One Day Cleanse -- kind of. When my friend Jen brought up the idea of doing a One Day cleanse, I knew I wanted to give it a try. I have always wanted to try some type of cleanse so I decided to sign up and purchase a One Day Kick Start cleanse from Ediblend which is a local superfood cafe. It actually ended up being a pretty big group who decided to join in on this one day cleanse so we all did it together. I also recruited one of the girls from the office to do it with me and we could motivate each other along the way and trust me, I needed all the motivation I could get! 

So let's talk about what does a One Day cleanse consist of. This particular one from Ediblend consisted of 5 super juices, a package of almonds and a kale salad. When you purchase the kit, it is packaged in a insulated bag for you so you can take it on the go and I have to say, the juices are better when they are cold. This particular cleanse will run you around $45.00. It also comes with a detail sheet of instructions on when you start your cleanse and what particular juice you will be drinking.  Now I am going to break down my cleanse and let you know my thoughts! 

8:00 am // Classic Green - This was the first juice of the day and I have to say it wasn't my favorite but I was able to get it down. It had a really earthy taste to it and probably a little more green then I would normally like. 

10:00 am // Lemon Zinger - This was a substitute juice to the normal cleanse due to my strawberry allergy and honestly, I could not get this one down. The cayenne pepper was a bit overwhelming for me and it was extremely tart. So this was a no go and I did not finish it. 

12:00 pm // Blonde Brodie - This was my lunch juice and it was the yummiest of all. It was like a banana smoothie in a way and I love all the flavors mixed in. Please also keep in mind by now, I have eaten most of all my almonds so it was going to be a ROUGH afternoon. 

2:00 pm // Summer Love- This was the perfect afternoon juice. Very tasty and I love all the flavors of this particular one. This was also a substitute juice for me since the original one has strawberries. A easy drink for me and one of my favorite ones in this cleanse. 

4:00 pm // Spicy Green - NOPE! I was not a fan. I don't think I am spicy flavor juice type of girl and I also could not finish this one. I also am feeling EXTRA hungry at this point and could easily convert to being hangry. 

6:30pm // Kale Salad - Dinner is served. The salad is very yummy and I wish I would have had more to eat. 

So at the end of the day, I am very glad I decided to try the One Day cleanse. I wasn't able to complete all the juice but I am considering 3 out of 5 a win. I think the cleanse is very doable however I don't think I will do it again in the next couple of weeks but I am up to try it again in the future. It really makes you think about how different foods serve different purposes for your body and I would suggest everyone to give it a try. You might surprise yourself and be able to complete the cleanse from start to finish.  All and all, I am glad I did and I survived! PS - I may have ate some food hence the KIND OF survived the One Day cleanse. I would say if I was going to do it again then I would have prep my body differently and ate better leading up to the cleanse and drank a ton more water.