My New Beauty Products from Glossier

If you follow me via Instagram then you probably seen my recent love for Glossier products. I have seen several friends that were using these products and it got me interested so I finally decided to order a few items and basically, the rest is history. I been using them for over a month now and I have been pretty please with the products and what it does for my face.  

I know several of you have asked me how I like the products and which ones were some of my favorites so I thought I do a little blog post to share my current beauty routine using these products and share my thoughts with you! So first off is the Milky Jelly Cleanser that I use to wash my face. It is a milk based product and leaves my skin super soft. I do have to say that if you like grit in your face cleanser then this product may not be your preference. I then use the Soothing Face Mist in Rose Water that I spray on my face before I put on my Priming Moisturizer Rich. I use the moisturizer before bedtime and in the morning before I put on my make up. My next favorite thing is the Boy Brow. This is their number one product and I can totally see why. It is the perfect tool to shape and darken your eyebrows.  Since I have darker eyebrows, I use the Boy Brow in black. Next up is their Stretch Concealer in Medium that I use for blemishes and under my eyes. Their new Cloud Paint which is their new blush line is a fave too! I have order a few different colors to layer on my cheeks. Last but not least is probably one of my favorite product which is the Flavored Balm Dotcom in Rose.  It is the best thing next to slice bread and I love how soft it makes my lips feel and it can be used for any dry spots you have. 

I am super please with my current beauty routine and I also like to add I use Thayer's Witch Hazel Rose Petal toner as well and you can get on amazon and it's great! It leaves my face feeling clean and it doesn't sting like some toners can. So all and all, I am pretty content with my new Glossier products and their price point is very reasonable plus their packaging is totally on point and we all know I am a sucker for cute packaging! If you been wanting to try these products, you can click HERE and get 20% off your FIRST order and if you spend $30.00 or more then shipping is completely free!