My First Cooking Class


Last night I took my first cooking class a The Girl Can Cook and I had a blast! I have never took a cooking class before so I was so excited when my childhood bestie invited me to be her cooking partner. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was thrilled to learn some new recipes and to change up my cooking patterns with using new to me ingredients. Our theme for the evening was Best Fish Tacos and more and all the dishes were so good! 


Before we got started cooking, Chef Candace explained the type of dishes we were going to prepare all while serving us wine -- um, yes please! 

IMG_0814 (1).JPG

Our first dish of the night was preparing the marinate for our fish tacos. After the marination process was done, these babies went back into the fridge until it was time for us to cook them. 

IMG_0813 (1).JPG

To go with our Fish Tacos, we also made homemade Pico de Gallo and slaw that we sauté and it was so good. I have never made warm slaw and I also never thought to add raddishes and honey to the mixture. It was a really good combination.  


Our second dish was pan seared trout and probably one of my favorite dish of the night. I have cooked trout before but I always stuffed it and baked it but I love the recipe for this trout and the breading mixture we used. 


Our last dish we made was Shrimp and Chorizo tacos and yum, yum! I normally never cook with chorizo but I think I might have to start using it more often and it was so easy to make. 

IMG_0821 (1).JPG

It was such a fun experience and I would highly recommend trying out a cooking  class. You can view her class schedule here. After all our dishes were made, we all sat down and enjoyed our food and each other's company. You also are sent home with all the recipes that you create in the class so you can remake them again at home. I can't wait to sign up for my next class -- maybe I will see you there!