My Closet Consultation with Lindsey Meek

I am so excited to finally share this fun blog post with you! A few weeks ago my sweet friend Lindsey Meek who is a Personal Stylist came over and we did a full Closet Consultation on my current wardrobe. I was in a rut with some of the same outfits I was wearing and I was so pumped to have Lindsey come over and do a little overhaul on my closet and having her put together outfits with the clothes I already had that I normally would never wear together. She seriously has an eye for fashion and I absoultely loved all the outfit layouts she styled for me.  

If you are unfamiliar with what a Closet Consultation consist of you can read more about what Lindsey can do for you here but basically she is your fairy closet godmother. She will help you weed through your closet and determine what items to keep, donate and then what staples you may need to add to your wardrobe. After our Closet Consultation, Lindsey created me the cutest Look Book of all the layouts she created for me to use a a quick reference and then we determine what pieces I was missing in my closet and she sends you a complete follow up email including links to all her recommendations. I mean, hello! It's like having a personal shopper!


I love, love these outfits that Lindsey put together for me and I can't believe I never thought of putting these pieces together. It was like getting a new closet and I didn't have to spend any money to achieve these new looks. If you are going through a style rut, I would highly recommend reaching out to Lindsey and to help you get into the new fall season, I am teaming up with Lindsey to giveaway a FREE E-Styling session to one lucky follower.  Head over to my Instagram account to read about all the details!