How To Host A Easy and Fun Brunch For Your Girlfriends


This past weekend, I hosted a easy and fun brunch for a few of my girlfriends and I thought I share with you how to host a easy and fun brunch for your girlfriends without having to slay away in the kitchen all day. Brunch is one of my favorite meal times and it definety makes planning for the food much easier. 

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I wanted to keep it pretty simple yet have a variety of different options for everyone to choose from. I started off with a simple biscuit bar. I used a regular cutting board and a cute kitchen towel I had on hand and stacked the biscuits on there and served it with a jar of jam. 

IMG_1273 (1).JPG
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There were a few of the girls who were gluten free so I decided to make two different quiche feelings but instead of using a pie crust for both, I made them into breakfast muffins so they would be gluten free friendly. You can grab this super easy recipe here

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I used my second mixture and made a quiche for everyone else that I will be sharing the recipe for this week and it is so easy and extra yummy! 

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Last but not least is creating a little parfait bar where I scooped yogurt in little cups ahead of time and then had homemade granola and fruit for toppings. 


I kept my decor very simple. I purchased a few bunches of fresh flowers and scattered them around the table and house. We used disposable paper products for easy clean up.  You can also fancy up store brought items such as muffins if you are running short on time. It really doesn't take that much time to put together a little brunch for your friends and family. So there you have it, super easy yet it has a great presentation. I hope this encourages you to set a date in your planner and invite your girlfriends over for brunch!