My Anthro Bomb + Other Favorite Diffusing Recipes

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I been sharing some of my favorite ways that I like to use my essential oils via Instagram (@theoilersqud) and one of my favorite combos is what I call my Anthro Bomb. It's a Anthropologie hack from their famous volcano candle and because I use this combo so often, I actually combine all the oils needed and added them into a 2oz dropper bottle for easy diffusing and then I wouldn't have to have all the oils out or on hand. 


3 drop of Grapefruit

3 drops of Orange

3 drops of Idaho Blue Spruce

3 drops of Geranium 

Because I made this into a 2oz bottle, I did this recipe times 15 so I could have the recipe pre-made for future use. 



Peppermint + Joy

Peppermint + Stress Away

Purification + Lemon 

Wintergreen + Orange

Tangerine + Bergamot + Grapefruit 

Lavender + Cedarwood

Peace & Calming + Orange 

Tangerine+ Bergamot + Lime + Peppermint 

Lavender + Peppermint + Lemon

Thieves + Cinnamon Bark + Orange

Northern Lights Black Spruce + Orange 

Stress Away + Lemon

Frank + Lavender 

Eucalyptus Globulus + Tangerine + Wintergreen

Peace & Calming + Jade Lemon

This is just small list of some of my favorites but the diffusing combinations are truly endless. If you have been curious about essential oils and want to join our community, you can read more here and join our tribe!