Teenager Full Room Reveal with Blue J Home + Plank and Mill


I am so excited to finally share the first of my boy's room reveals and today we are starting off with my oldest's room. I am almost embarrassed to admit that we have been living in our new home for over two years now and I am just now getting around to putting the boy's rooms together. When I started to think about what his room would look like, I knew I wanted to use some of the items we already had and keep within a smaller budget yet give him a more grown up style since he would be starting High School in the fall. I also knew that I definitely lacked in interior design so I enlisted in the talented Christen of Blue J Home to help me come up with a design concept and stay within the budget I created for each room. This was my first time actually working with a professional and Christen was a dream to work with. We took measurements and discuss ideas and within a week or so, I had the most gorgeous design board and I instantly fell in love with the concept. Christen came back a second time to finalize all the details once the design concept was finish and to make sure we stayed on budget and then she was there on install day to help put the entire room together and perfect the little details. for this project, I was also so  excited to collaborate with Plank and Mill and create a wood plank wall as the focal point of his room. 


Rustic Modern Teen Space.jpg

The first thing we did was to wood plank our wall using White Wash wood planks from Plank and Mill. If you have never heard of Plank and Mill, they are a local company that sells pre-cut, self adhesive ( I know! How amazing is that?! ) wood planks. I have never wood planked a single thing in my life so I will have to admit that I was a little nervous but I could not believe how easy the process was once we acclimated our wood planks. The Mister and I finish the wall within hours and I am in love with how it turned out. 




I absolutely love the way the room turned out and I am thrilled to have a more grown up room for my oldest as he transitions into High School life this fall. If you are in the mist of wanting some professional design help, I would highly suggest contacting Christen with Blue J Home. She works with clients on various projects and budgets and I am so thankful I had her helping me throughout this process. 

Amazing photos by: Hazel & Haze Photography