Easy Spicy Pretzels

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Each year I love making a little treat for my neighbors and friends for the holidays and since there is always an abundance of sweets, I like to change it up and give something more salty and a little spicy! Today on the blog, I am sharing with you my Easy Spicy Pretzels that I promise you will be a crowd pleaser and everyone will want the recipe!


One bag of pretzels ( I like to use mini pretzels, squares or pretzel sticks )

One package of Hidden Valley Ranch Package Seasoning

1/2 cup of Canola Oil ( I sometimes add a smidge more if I feel like it needs a little more liquid for coating)

Red Pepper Flakes

Red Pepper Powder

Ok, when I say this is easy, it is easy and I promise you that you can not mess it up. In a big ziploc bag, add your oil , ranch seasoning, Red Pepper Flakes and Red Pepper Powder. I don’t have a measurement for the Red Pepper Flakes or Red Pepper Powder so just eyeball it according to your spice level which I like to make mine semi spicy as I normally am gifting them. Close your ziploc bag and shake the mixture up. I like to make sure all the ingredients are marinated together. After they are, add in your pretzels and shake and mix! Once you feel like all your pretzels are evenly coated, pour them out on a lined baking sheet and bake them for 5-7 minutes at 350 degrees and that’s it! The baking helps dry the flavors into the pretzels and it makes them SO yummy! Once they are cooled down, you can package them up and they are ready for gift giving!

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I love using different types of kraft containers that I can normally get at Hobby Lobby and embellishing with tulle, yarn, fabric scraps and mini bottle brush trees. I hope you guys enjoy this recipe!