A Recap of 2018 and New Goals for 2019

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Honestly, I have no idea where the year has gone and I am still in shock that I am here recapping how 2018 went and setting my yearly goals for 2019. If you missed my 2018 goals, you can read that blog post here. I definitely have to say that 2018 was a BIG year for myself and this little blog that I created almost 10 years ago and I am so excited to see what 2019 has in store for me and this little business of mine.

Each year, I like to set goals and document here on the blog. I think it is so important that we all sets goals big or small and to have a visual of what we would like to accomplished in the New Year. Another reason I like to do my yearly recap and goals blog post is to hold my self accountable but I also hope that this blog post inspires you to set your own goals and perhaps give you some ideas of some these you want to achieve.

Like I mentioned before, 2018 was a BIG year for me professionally and personally. I didn’t get to achieve as many goals as I planned for 2018 but that’s ok. I know realistically I could not accomplished them all but I was able to mark a few of those goals off and I am quite happy about that!

This year was also a big year for me professionally as I got so many opportunities to work with some amazing brands like American Express and becoming one of their Ambassadors from getting an opportunity to work with LOFT which was one of the brands on my dream list that I wanted to work with in 2018 and it was definitely a pinch me moment when they reached out to me. On top of getting to partner with these amazing brands, I also had the opportunity to partner with local stores to host some pretty amazing events and I am so thankful for these businesses for inviting me to partner with them and for each and every one of you that took your time to come see me and support me during these events. It truly means the world to me and without the support of this amazing community, none of this could be possible.


Hands down the biggest thing that happen to me in 2018 was on November 30th when I finally left my full time job in healthcare management after 14 years to stay home with the boys, work for myself and focus more on the blog and I have to say, it’s only been a month but I can honestly say, it was the best decision ever.  I know my time with my boys at home are limited and I want to enjoy them as much as I can and I know this was the best decision for myself and my family. I am still trying to figure out my routine as it is still very new to me but I know after the holidays are over, I will be able to established a better routine for myself. I also joined the MICALE | LYNN team in April as their Director of Marketing and it had been such a fun adventure and I am excited to see what 2019 has in store for us as a team and as a brand.  Gosh, as I am typing this, I am feeling all the feelings and I am just so grateful for each opportunity that has come my way and my heart is so full.

As for goals for 2019, I am keeping it simple. I normally have a long list but I decided that 2019 is the year of simplicity.  I really just want to be more present and more intentional. I want to focus more on self care and what truly brings me joy. To have more white space and to not clutter my days with things that don’t bring me happiness. I also want to create better routines and systems. Workout daily and set aside more time for personal growth but most of all to give myself grace. This is the first year in over 14 years that I will be working for myself and I can fully control how my days go and I really want to focus more on finding some sort of balance for it all. I tend to take on so much that I feel like I never really rest and I really want to focus on more rest and relaxation as self-care is a huge focus for me in the new year.

I am a firm believer that goals and dreams are meant to be written out, spoken out and to be put out in the universal because if you don’t ever speak it, how will it ever happen?! Do you set goals every New Year too? If you do, let me know! I would love to help cheer you on!