Cultivate What Matters 2020 Power Sheets


Ah, I am SO excited for todays blog post because the NEW Cultivate What Matters 2020 Power Sheets are officially live! If you been following me awhile then you have heard me mention the Power Sheets before as I have been using them ( not always consistently ) over the past few years and they are the best tools out there for goal tracking. I have always been such a dreamer and visual person that the Power Sheets are the perfect tools for me as I thrive off by writing my goals, thoughts, etc down versus keeping them around digitally. The Power Sheets keeps it simple for you to process your goals and then breaking it down to daily or weekly task to help you achieve your goal. Small victories are still victories and sometimes it is easier to get to your goals when you break it down to smaller goals to achieve the bigger picture. Along with the Power Sheets, there are tons of great accessories that go along with them and one of my most favorite is probably the stickers as I just love stickers in general and I love all the different stickers they have created to be used in your Power Sheets to help encourage you along the way. One of the newest features of the Power Sheets this year is the appearance as they have really change the look to a more durable cover, gold coil binding and adding a monthly calendar view for you to use for your planning needs as well. I am excited to dive into my 2020 Power Sheets in the upcoming months and make some big scary goals for my personal and business!


You can check out the entire 2020 Power Sheets collection HERE!

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