My Recent Stitch Fix Box


Happy Friday friends! I am excited to share with you today my recent Stitch Fix box. If you follow me via Instagram then you have seen be share about Stitch Fix a lot but I thought I share my most recent box on the blog today and give you a little more detail on how it works and my recent thoughts on what my stylist sent me this time around. If you are unfamiliar on how stitch fix works, it is a clothing subscription service that you can receive on a monthly basis or on a as needed basis. I personally use Stitch Fix on a as needed basis when I feel like a I need a little refresh and that normally happens when the season changes. What I like about the service is that I often get pieces that I would normally never pick out for myself and end up loving and what pieces I do not like then I can return in the pre-paid envelope that they provide for me in my box. There is a $20.00 fee for the stylist to pick out your clothes for you but that fee is put towards your purchase and if you decide to purchase everything in your box, you also receive a 25% discount as well which is nice as some of the items you receive never go on sale like my coveted Madewell jeans.


Look # 1

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this Madewell Wide Leg Crop jeans as I probably would never have tried them on in store but surprisingly, I really like them. They are high waisted and fit great. I love the color of the jeans and the length as well. I definitely think that this wide leg crop jean look best with more of a wedge or platform type shoe versus a flat sandal. These jeans are pretty good and I think I will end up keeping them.

The top that I am wearing was also in my stitch fix box and I think it is adorable as well. It is a great quality, good fit and I really like the embroidery detail however, I have a shirt very similar to this one so I will be returning this top.

My stylist also included a few accessories from Madewell and I am loving this simple crossbody bag. It is very lightweight and the color is very on trend for summer. The second item was an adorable rainbow colored beaded bracelet that would go with several different things. I am not sure if I will keep these two items since I don’t really need them but I do like them both.


Look # 2:

The last item in my box is this adorable floral dress from J. Crew and I love it! It is cute, feminine and perfect for spring and summer. The fit is very flattering and it has a little snap to keep the top of the dress closed which I like. This one would be perfect to wear for Mother’s Day this weekend or even for a graduation party.  This one is a top contender and I think I may keep this dress as well. Overall, I was extremely please with my stitch fix box this time and my stylist did a great job picking out these pieces for me.  If you have never tried Stitch Fix, I would highly suggest it as is a great way to add some fun new pieces into your closet!

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