#Nsale 2019 Top Picks


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The BIGGEST sale of the year is finally here and I am SO excited to share with you some of my top picks that I personally will be purchasing during the sale. In case this is your first time shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale then let me fill you in that all these items are NEW fall pieces that are put on sale for a short time and then they will go back to full price. As always if you have shopped with Nordstrom before then you know that they always offer FREE SHIPPING AND FREE RETURNS which is so nice!

I have rounded up my top 20 picks from the sale and the items I will be adding to my cart starting tomorrow. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do my Dallas trip as I planned so I will be sharing another full blog post of all my try on’s of the items I purchase to give you a full review of the items and if they are worth picking up or better off passing on.

If it is anything like last year, be sure to shop quick and you can check out several different times since there is no shopping charged included in your total! Also, be sure to bookmark my blog so you can reference back and I will be adding to this post with any additional great finds. If you want direct links for easier shopping, join me over in my Insiders Group as I will be covering a lot of the sale over there as well. As always, THANK YOU so much for shopping my links so I can get credit for the sale. I only get credit when you shop from the website versus the Nordstrom App and please make sure my link is the last one you click before you check out!

Happy Shopping friends! Let’s grab some great deals!

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