Coworking Bravely - A Coworking Community for Women


Well, it’s been almost 10 months since I decided to leave my corporate job and to finally work for myself full time and focus more on my family. It definitely hasn’t been the easiest 10 month for sure but it has been rewarding in so many other ways. It’s funny how they say that most people leave their 9-5 job, 40 hours a week to work for themselves and work double that but the best part is now that I am working on my own terms and that everything I am doing is helping to build my own business and that is totally worth the sleepless nights and bags under my eyes. When I first left my job, it was really hard to find a routine for myself and I felt my time went by 10 times quicker then when I was working. I truly learn a lesson or two on how to manage my time better and to be more productive with the work time I had while the boys are in school and not to be working in the wee hours of the night. I still think there is always room to improve however I am finding a better routine now that everyone is back in school.

Going from managing several employees and being around people all day long was quite the adjustment when I started working from my home office and it being very quite and not to mention how easily distracted I would get with small household chores would easily consume my time and the next thing I would know is that it was time for the boys to get home from school. When I heard about Coworking Bravely opening right here in Broken Arrow and specifically The Rose District, I was very intrigue to see what they had to offer and if this might be an alternative for me to get out of the house a few days a month to work and really focus on deadlines and admin work.

I had the opportunity to check out and work in the space when they first opened and I instantly fell in love. It was exactly what I needed but had no idea I was looking for. I never really thought I needed to work outside my home but there is definitely something about being around like minded women that really sparks your creativity and the sense of community that has been cultivated at Coworking Bravely plus it’s doesn’t hurt that the space is adorable and right next to the cutest bakery.

They also offer a variety of other amenities including conference rooms, a stocked kitchen with drinks and snacks, printing options, free wi-fi and member only learning opportunities.


For all my local boss babes that may be looking for a work space outside your home, I highly recommend giving Coworking Bravely a chance. There are many options for memberships to fit your schedule and needs and they also offer a day pass option where you can come work for 1-2 days a month if that fits your work schedule better. Regardless, you can schedule a tour any time and check it out for yourself to see if this coworking space may be a good fit for you.

Starting October 1st, you can mention my name if you signed up for any type of membership and you will get 10% off your first month!

You can read more about Coworking Bravely and schedule a tour HERE.

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