Holiday Chex Mix Recipe + a Holiday Round Up

This is probably one of my favorite and super easy Chex Mix recipes that I love to make around the holiday seasons and it makes for the perfect gift too! It is the perfect combination of sweet and salty and that is my ultimate favorite. There is no wrong or right to make this chex mix but this is just my version of it.

You will need:

Mini Pretezels


Chex Mix Cereal

Plain M&M's

White Almond back

The first thing you want to do is melt your white almond bark as directed. I normally don't use the chocolate for all the ingredients. I like to have some of it covered in the white chocolate and the other party not covered in chocolate to give it a more salty effect. I cover half of the mini pretzels, cheerios, and chex mix in the white chocolate and when it's has completely dried, I add in the remainder of the mini pretzels and add in my plain M&M's.  Oh gosh, it is so good and quite addicting! It makes quite a big batch so if you want to gift some to friends or family, simply line a berry basket with half a sheet of wax paper and fill up your basket with the yummy treat and finish it off with some ribbon and mini scoop from Sucre Shop. It makes for the perfect Christmas gift!

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