Holiday Favorite's Party Recap

Oh gosh, how can it really be only a less than a week away to Christmas?! It has been a constant busy schedule for the past few months and I am looking forward to taking some time off work next week and enjoying the holidays with my family and close friends. This past weekend, I attended two Holiday Favorite's Party with the girls. I have never been to a Favorite's Party before so I was really looking forward to attend and share with some of my favorite gal pals some of my most favorite things. It was super hard to narrow down what items to share with the girls since I love so many things but I ended up sharing at the first party hosted by Jenny Collier my favorite Kate Spade Gold Bow Paper Clips and my favorite black and white pens and for the second favorite party, I shared some of my favorite Pom Pom trim and washi tape so the girl's could use for their own holiday wrapping. photo 1

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I know several of you gals asked how a Favorite's party worked so I thought I share  how the two I attended worked but I am sure there are many ways to host this event. In the invitation, we were asked to bring three of the same gift items and have them wrapped. You can put a price range in your invitation or you can leave it open, it's totally up to you. After everyone has arrived and all the gifts are place in a central area, then we put our name on three slips of paper and place each one in three different jars. You then pulled a name out of each jar making sure you did not draw your own name or a repeat name. Once everyone has drew their names, we would go around and each person would share what favorite item they brought and why they love it and then pass them out to the three names they drew and then the next person went and so on. It's a really easy concept and you walk away with three fun new things you may have never seen or tried before. After all the gifts were exchanged, we also shared some of our favorites things that we filled out on a  questionnaire before we started exchanging gifts. For example, we shared our most favorite Apps, favorite Instagram accounts to follow, our favorite blogs to read, etc. I don't think there is a right or wrong way to host a party like this and it is such a fun night in with the girls! If you have ever hosted a Favorite's party, I would love to hear how you planned yours!

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