My Process of Rebranding with Printed Ink Designs

I am so thrilled to share my recent rebranding process with everyone on the blog today. It has been such a busy month of working with the talented Rachel Green of Printed Ink Designs to create what is now my new site called Hey Thuy and I just LOVE it! It's actually quite funny how Hey Thuy came about and originally, I started off with the process of giving My Paper Pinwheel a new look but after working with Rachel and reflecting on what my blog and website meant to me and how I wanted to grow my business and brand, we did a total one eighty and I decided that I was ready to change my name and really focus on me being my brand and so it all started with a mood board. It was interesting to see the color scheme and patterns I ended up moving towards for my new brand. I thought for sure there would be more dramatic colors but I just love how happy the polka dots and pink goodness makes me.


After we finalize my Brand Board, Rachel came up with some amazing options for my logo. I love them all but ended up choosing the logo below to become the new look for Hey Thuy and I just love the feel of the logo and how it reflects my personality and brand. 

After my Brand Board and logo was complete, Rachel created me a Brand Style Board and I would have to say, this was my MOST favorite part of the beginning process. She had it laid out clear as day what my branding was and how to stay cohesive with my brand and can we talk about how obsessed I am with the noteworthy font. It's a favorite of mine for sure! 

Rachel also created me three different variations of patterns to use throughout my brand and I just adore how fun the first pattern with the continuous name written across it.  Rachel is truly a talented designer and knew what I wanted before I even did and did I mention she is also a saint because honestly, I probably changed my mind more than the average person yet she never made me feel like I was bothering her and was always consist with her responses and so positive. 

Stay tune as I share more on the rebranding of Hey Thuy and why I decided to it was time to say goodbye to My Paper Pinwheel.