My Fall Wardrobe Capsule

I have always toss around the idea of trying a Wardrobe Capsule for awhile now but I was never able to commit to only have a limited number of clothing items until recently while being in the transition of building our new home and having limited space for our personal items. I began following along Caroline of Unfancy and I just love the concept for her wardrobe capsule and very often, I find myself wearing the same favorite pieces yet I kept filling my closet with pieces that I think I will "eventually" wear or I brought because it was such a good deal but didn't really need. 

I decided now with fall just around the corner, it was the perfect time for me to give the Wardrobe Capsule a try. I know their are different versions of how people build their capsule but for me and my lifestyle, I will have two sets of capsules. I will have one set for work and one for my daily life. I plan to have about 45 items in each capsule and I will try to put my focus on purchasing items that will work both ways. 

My first step will be clearing my current closet of all the items I know I will no longer wear or really needs to be donated. I have the tendency like most ladies, I am sure to hang on to those pieces that I will probably wear again or hey, if I lose a few pounds, I am totally going to wear that again!

With a recent sale at Loft , I have started my fall wardrobe capsule with 5 very universal items that I feel I will be able to mix and match and one of them being this adorable black Peplum top that I can easily wear with skinny jeans like I have pictured above or pair it up with a pencil skirt for work or a fun date night. 

Have you ever tried the Capsule Wardrobe? If so, I would love to hear your tips! I know this will be a challenge for me at the beginning but I am excited to be able to spend my time on what really matters most.