My New Weekend Ride with Volkswagen Tulsa

This past weekend I had the opportunity to partner with my friends at Don Thornton Volkswagen and test drive a 2016 Passat and it was a total game changer from my mom van for sure! I have never own a Volkswagen or even drove one but I was impressed how smoothed it drove. I was slightly worried about the size of this car for the boys but it turned out this car is extremely spacious and had tons of leg room.

Some of my favorite features in the Passat that is totally missing from my current care now is the touch screen sound system, car-net App Connect, and HELLO! seven driver assistance features because if you have drove with me before, parallel parking not part of my driving skills. Oh and did I mention the all leather interior and sunroof?! It's been too long since I had a car with a sunroof! 

Now that the boys are getting older, I am coming to realize that it might be time to trade in my Mom van which I do absolutely love because who doesn't love a car that has automatic doors at a push of a button but sometimes we really don't need all that space on a day to day basis.  

It was great opportunity for me to be able to test drive the new 2016 Passat and get an idea of different options for a midsize car. I definitely have to say the Volkswagen Passat is a top contender for sure!   

And seriously, how cute are these two boys while I took them out for a little ride on the town. Thank you for Don Thornton Volkswagen for partnering with me to share my experience with the new 2016 Passat and hey guess what?! If you want to test drive a Volkswagen, click here to schedule and appointment and Don Thornton Volkswagen is treating everyone who test drives a car to a $50.00 gift card! I have to say, that's a win-win situation!  Happy Testing Driving friends!