Summer Road Trip Tips

Summertime is in full effect and we are getting ready to take the boys on our annual road trip and of course before we can officially hit the road, there is a lot of prep on this momma's part. Now that the boys are older, I don't have to plan as much activities to do while we are sitting in the car however, a little planning on my part sure makes the ride a lot smoother and the time seems to go a bit quicker. 

Some of the ways I prep for our road trips is make sure all electronics are fully charged and chargers have been pack. The boys normally get to pack their backpack full of things to entertain them like books, hot wheels and super hero action figures. I always make sure I double check their bags to make sure not any "unnecessary" items get packed like squirt guns or silly string because have you ever tried to clean silly string out of your car?! No thank you! 

I also make sure we have tons of snacks in individual bags or portioned in bags because why would sharing between two brothers become an issues right?! Ha! To save us our sanity, I make sure each person has their fair share of snacks and no one has more than the other. I also like to pack things like playing cards, small games and I usually have a few surprised packed away in my mom bag for mini meltdowns and those normally consist of all items from the Target Dollar section. Gum and candy is also very helpful and sometimes is needed in a moment of despair. Let's also not forget hand sanitizer because boys are dirty and stinky and it makes me feel a little better to know at least their hands are clean. Oh, the life of a being a boy mom. 

If you caught my last blog post, we recently have the opportunity to try our the new 2016 Volkswagen Passat and the kids loved getting to take it out on the open road around our town to get an feel on how it drove and I was impressed. I was very surprised on how roomy the Passat was for a Sedan and especially since I am used to driving my mini van. We have been debating on selling our van soon since we don't need all that space and I wouldn't be mad one bit if we ended up purchasing a new Volkswagen for our next family car. It's a win for me when their is enough space for our family of four to be comfortable, it rides super smooth, and it gets great gas mileage. If you are local, Don Thornton Volkswagen is having an amazing deal when you test drive a new 2016 car, they will give you a $50.00 gift card! Yup, you heard me right friends, FREE money in your pockets and to make it even easier, you can schedule an appointment online here and save time! 

And this picture is just for good measure because I have  to document two happy parents that are SO ready for vacation! Thank you Don Thornton Volkswagen for sponsoring this blog post!