Weekend Recap: March 25-26

This past weekend was all about the boys. We didn't have any appointments or scheduled plans to be at so we decided to take it easy and just do fun things that the boys wanted to do. On Saturday, the weather turned quite cold so we took it easy during the day and caught the new Power Rangers movies in the evening that surprisingly was quite good and even kept this mama entertained. 

On Sunday, I took the boys to check out the new Sea Turtle exhibit at the Oklahoma Aquarium and we had such a great time! The exhibit was fun and colorful and the sea turtles were quite playful. If you haven't been to the Oklahoma Aquarium lately, now would be a great time as this exhibit is only here for a short period of time. 


After the aquarium, I took the boys to try the new Blaze Pizza on Brookside and they love getting to create their own pizzas. If you haven't been to Blaze Pizza, it has the same concept as Top that Pizza. I really like the build your own option and the boys enjoyed their pizzas too! I am sure we will be back soon to eat. After that, we did our normal Sunday routine of going grocery shopping and my weekly attempt to meal plan for the week. I also ALWAYS pick up fresh flowers and I love buying a new bundles and using mason jars and placing them all round the house.